For volunteers

Enjoy world class disc golf from the 1st row while helping us create history with the highest level of disc golf in Estonia. As we want to make everything runned smoothly, we need an army of volunteers!

This is your opportunity to get the best from this great event and be part of this. Besides that volunteers enjoy the following benefits:
• Volunteer package (includes a disc, t-shirt, etc) (available, if you can work at least on 2 days)
• Free lunch during event (available on days you are working)
• A lot of good emotions and memories
• …

We need volunteers for 3 days. Open positions for hole spotters and for score insertions (guidelines will be introduced personally).

To get an overview, what is expected from spotter, please view this short and informative video:

When needed, we will also help to organize accommodation.

If You have questions or want to discuss something, then don´t hesitate to contact us!