For spectator

All spectators are welcome to enjoy highest level disc golf in Estonia. This is PDGA A-tier event and first EuroPro tour in Estonia, so this is your opportunity to be a part of history! How to follow the event:

  1. Live results with scores and statistics
  2. Live video final round: (link will be updated)
  3. Go onsite on 14-16.07.2017!

At the competition centre there are lots of opportunities to have a great time. You can enjoy beautiful nature, have food and drinks, shop to buy discs or other stuff and of course watch the best disc golf in Europe.
To make this event great for all, we ask you to kindly follow the following guidelines.
• Don´t distract the competitors. You can ask for autographs later, when the players have turned in their scorecards.
• Keep cellphones on silent mode.
• Speak softly when You are in close range of players.
• Never pick up a players disc, even if it is OB.
• Keep fairways clear.
• Be careful. Even the bests can make mistakes. Keep Your eyes on discs. If You notice a dangerous situation, please warn others by yelling loudly FORE!